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Police Using Sabre

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    Carry The Pepper Spray Which Can't Be Used Against You!

    Stop Strap

    SABRE Red with Stop Strap Technology becomes disabled if taken from you!

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    Stop Strap

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    Stop Strap

    Pepper Gel increases safety with its 15 foot range!

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“Making Grown Men Cry Since 1975”, Security Equipment Corporation (SEC) is the family owned and operated manufacturer of the SABRE and SABRE RED pepper sprays. SEC also produces the FRONTIERSMAN & SABRE WILD Bear Attack Deterrent Sprays and the Protector Dog Attack Deterrent Spray. SABRE Stun Guns are also offered by SEC for those which are interested in carrying an electronic immobilization device.

Offering protection at a safe distance, SABRE pepper spray is the product of choice amongst consumers and law enforcement officers worldwide. SABRE’s HPLC Guarantee, ISO 9001:2008 Certification, EPA & Health Canada Establishment Status and track record of over 35 years has made SABRE products the world’s most popular pepper spray.


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    Professional Grade – Commonly referred to by law enforcement and correction officers as an OC spray which is short for Oleoresin Capsicum, it is wise to choose a pepper spray brand which is carried by many police forces and proven effective.

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    Guaranteed Heat – Security Equipment Corporation is the only self defense spray manufacturer which operates a High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) laboratory to scientifically ensure the heat specifications of every SABRE & SABRE RED canister. SABRE’s HPLC Guarantee is the pepper spray industry’s number one advantage because the University of Utah confirmed that without an HPLC Guarantee, pepper sprays fail 30% of the time due to inconsistent heat levels!

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    ISO 9001:2008 Certification – This is the best third party quality control endorsement a manufacturer can achieve. When you purchase pepper spray, you’re making a serious purchase or investment because your life or that of a loved one could one day depend on the product you choose. ISO certification is an excellent sign that the product is reputable and effective.

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    Personal Safety Training Program – Do you know how to use pepper spray? Do you have a safety plan? Do you know how to discourage potential threats, how to pass the attacker’s test and how to operate in condition yellow? Do you know what the attacker’s advantage is and how to protect yourself against that advantage? What if you are your loves ones faced a threat right now, would each of you be able to take control of the situation and protect yourselves effectively? Want to purchase a great pepper spray, choose a product made by a company which also offers a personal safety training program to help maximize your safety and that of your loved ones.

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    Company History – Take a few minutes to investigate the company whose products you are considering. Warning – most pepper spray brands outsource the manufacturing to the lowest bidder. These companies do not offer HPLC Technology to scientifically ensure capsaicinoid or heat consistency. Will you be able to get in touch with the manufacturer should you have any problems? What is the expiration date of the spray? A good spray will have at least a three year shelf life. Buy from a reputable company which stands behind its products and has a track record of success.



Security Equipment Corporation's pink and black SABRE pepper spray key chain cases provide additional attractive colors to maximize consumer appeal!



Recently with the influx of Occupy Protests, there has been an increase in law enforcement usage of Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) or Pepper Spray. Over the past few weeks, nearly every media outlet in the country from Fox News to the New York Times has shed light on pepper spray deployment to disperse protestors and crowds. In fact, OC sprays commonly referred to as mace, personal safety sprays and pepper spray have become an internet meme and with that, several questions, myths and misinformation have circulated. Many wonder how dangerous is pepper spray and what are the most common effects. Read More >

Security Equipment Corporation’s achievement and awards include:

  • Platinum Sponsor of the National Breast Cancer Foundation
  • Partner of the national charity RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network)
  • "The Most Potent Defense Spray" P.G.R.A.
  • "The Best Tactical Spray" Arizona Department of Public Safety & Phoenix PD
  • "The Best Packaging Award" AAPEX Show 2011 – Institute of Packaging Professionals
  • "Worldwide Distributors 2011 Hardline Vendor of the Year"
  • Passed the Swedish National Testing Laboratory's peformance requirements to win the 2004 Scandinavian Police Forces Tender for the national police of Denmark, Finland, Norway & Sweden
  • Passed US Customs & Border Protections "exhaustive review" with an 'outstanding grade" to become the product of choice for CBP Agents guarding our ports and borders.
  • Force Science Research Center found SABRE RED Law Enforcement Pepper Spray to be the "safest" for professionals to use when "ranking the risk of injury from five major force options".
  • Appeared on The History Channel's "Modern Marvels" Series
  • Subject Matter Experts on "The Doctors" Pepper Spray Episode
  • Featured on Spike TV's "Don't Be A Victim" Series
  • Subject Matter Experts on "The NRA Self Defense Video Series"

SABRE brand pepper spray seen on TV show Modern Marvels about mace