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HPLC Guarantee

HPLC Guarantee

Security Equipment Corporation HPLC Guarantee

OC Industries Biggest Advantage SABRE Eliminates OC Failures Due to Bad Batches!

SEC is the only OC manufacturer operating an HPLC Laboratory to provide capsaicinoid consistency in every canister!

Think 14% of the population is not affected by OC? Think Again!

The University of Utah’s study confirms OC sprays fail 30% of the time due to bad batches. How do you correct this? With SABRE’s guaranteed heat backed by our HPLC Laboratory.

Get the consistency and effectiveness you deserve with SABRE.

WARNING: Preparing pepper spray products without HPLC Analysis will likely result in varying levels of capsaicinoids with each shipment received by your agency. This variability impacts the effectiveness of the product and safety of both the user and subject.

SEC's in-house testing and independent testing reports (below). Our in-house HPLC Laboratory guarantees consistent heat levels (below).

Security Equipment Corporation HPLC Lab