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Police Using Sabre

Law Enforcement The SABRE Difference

The SABRE Difference

Reduce force escalation by equipping your officers with SABRE. How? SABRE solves the three (3) problems for OC failures: Low Capsaicinoids; Failure to Reach Target; Inconsistent Heat Levels - Bad Batches.

Step 1 – Increase Your Capsaicinoid Content
Higher capsaicinoid content sprays provide increased stopping power.

Step 2 – Deployment Versatility
Subjects duck, move, fight and attempt to block the spray. It does not matter how hot the spray is if you cannot hit the target acquisition area. SABRE duty belt canisters will deploy from any angle or orientation to increase target acquisition.

Step 3 – Guaranteed Heat Levels
Eliminate OC failures which occur due to bad batches with SABRE. Security Equipment Corporation, the only OC manufacturer operating an in-house HPLC Laboratory, ensures capsaicinoid consistency in every canister.

Why Choose SABRE Aerosol Projectors?

• Exclusive HPLC Guarantee
• Level I, Level II & Level III Formulations
• ISO 9001-2008 Certification
• Independent Laboratory Health Tests
• EPA & Health Canada Establishment
• Successful Track Record for over 35 plus years
• Ultraviolet Marking Dye
• Increased Target Acquisition
• Extended Shelf Life
• Effective Decontaminate
• EID Compatible (Taser® & Stun Devices)

Reduce Liability—Increase Officer Safety