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Police Using Sabre

Approved Pepper Spray for Customs and Border Protection Bureau (CBP)

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The United States Border Patrol has equipped its agents with pepper spray for the past several years. The issued pepper spray features a trigger-top firing mechanism, a flammable, conical mist delivery system and a Level II strength of 0.92% Major Capsaicnoids.

Since the consolidation of Customs, the Border Patrol, and the inspectional functions of the Immigration and Naturalization Service and the Agriculture and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) into a new parent organization called the Customs and Border Protection Bureau (CBP), CBP has researched and evaluated a number of weaponry options to increase the safety of their personnel. SABRE RED Aerosol Irritant Projectors has been researched, evaluated and approved. CBP members can now purchase the following CBP approved items:

SABRE-Red Model




1.6 oz Stream Delivery
Inert Training - Stream

Reduces wind blow back


1.8 oz Cone Delivery
Inert Training - Cone

Requires less accuracy


1.6 oz Foam Delivery
Inert Training - Foam

Reduces secondary exposures

Spec Sheet MK2 DPS     Spec Sheet MK2 H2O

SABRE RED provides CBP with the following advantages:

  • Level III Stopping Power – 10% OC measuring 1.33% Major Capsaicinoids
  • Capsaicinoid Consistency – HPLC Technology guarantees heat level of every can
  • Nonflammable & Electronic Immobilization Device Compatible
  • Visualization Process – Confirms target acquisition area even in low light areas
  • Ultraviolet Marking Dye – Aids in suspect identification
  • Trigger-Top Firing Mechanism

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