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Police Using Sabre


Introducing Sabre Green!

The New SABRE Green Law Enforcement Aerosol (Active Ingredient “Wasabi” Horseradish - Patent Pending) is designed to offer a significantly shorter and more efficient decontamination time (Up to 80% Faster Subject Decon!). Similar in strength to our SABRE Defense formulation, SABRE Green stimulates the exact same neuropathways as capsaicin-oleoresin pepper spray causing involuntary eye closure and irritation. SABRE Green, additionally, is available in SABRE Crossfire Technology. Subjects often duck, move and attempt to block the spray. SABRE CROSSFIRE Technology maximizes target acquisition by deploying from any angle or orientation!

SABRE Green Is Ideal For:

  • Patrol (Up to 80% Faster Decon... Reduced Subject After Care & Less Officer Downtime)
  • Crowd Management (Push Back A Crowd Without The Protracted Mess)
  • High Risk Populations Areas (Such as Confined Spaces, Cells, Air Intakes, Hospitals/Planes/Public Transport etc)


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Model Numbers
SGCFT10…………….. 1.8 oz SABRE Green Crossfire Stream
SGCFT30…………….. 3.0 oz SABRE Green Crossfire Stream