Key-Ring Pepper Spray

10 06 2017

Women are popular consumers of pepper spray products. When women are alone, they may feel at a physical disadvantage when approached by men. Carrying a pepper spray canister helps them feel safe.Choos … read more

Woman Uses Pepper Spray On Thief

11 01 2016

Boise, Idaho - City Police are searching for a suspect who tried to reach into a woman’s car and take her purse. The woman quickly grabbed her purse to retrieve her pepper spray and sprayed the man.KM … read more

Black Friday Shopping Safety

11 28 2014

The Thanksgiving holiday weekend is known for the door-buster deals and shopping savings so great that people are willing to camp out days before to score the biggest prize. But the weekend of … read more

Woman Pepper Sprays Multiple Attackers!

07 21 2014

A woman in India managed to protect herself against multiple threats on Friday night, thanks to her pepper spray.The Hindu reports, the woman pepper sprayed a group of six who attempted to rob her.Aft … read more

Stopping a Rabid Dog

07 18 2014

Recently, SABRE came across a question posted onto Yahoo! Answers by user Eric. The question reads: Can Pepper Spray stop a Rabid Dog?Here are a few things to consider when seeking protection aga … read more