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Crossfire in Action.

David Nance demonstrates Crossfire, third-generation pepper spray technology.

Crossfire, available in stream & gel, was specifically developed to give officers the upper hand when controlling dynamic subjects. Crossfire features third-generation technology allowing the canister to deploy from any angle or orientation.

Continuous deployment.

Your answer to aggressive, dynamic subjects.


What makes Crossfire pepper spray technology so monumental? Picture the face of an analog clock. 

First generation OC sprays only deploy upright between the clock's 10 and 2 dials. Second generation OC sprays increase target acquisition with the addition of half-second burst deployments between the clock's 4 and 8 dials. 

The third generation Crossfire deploys continuously from any position or dial on a clock to maximize target acquisition when encountering dynamic subjects.

Crossfire - Up to 2.5x More Bursts

Crossfire: up to 2.5x more bursts.

Capsaicinoids0.33 / 0.21% [-NY]0.67%1.33%0.2%
MK-3 Bursts10 1-Second Bursts, 2.5x More Shots10 1-Second Bursts, 2.5x More Shots10 1-Second Bursts, 2.5x More Shots6-8 Short Bursts
MK-4 Bursts16 1-Second Bursts, 2x More Shots16 1-Second Bursts, 2x More Shots16 1-Second Bursts, 2x More Shots11-12 Short Bursts

Crossfire Stream is currently available with SABRE DEFENSE, SABRE 5.0 and SABRE Red formulations.

Gel or foam?

Find the right product for the job. Watch as David Nance discusses both gel and foam.

Gel and foam are ideal for hospitals, airports, court rooms, government buildings, sporting events and inmate transport.

Comparing gel and foam

Comparing gel and foam.

Delivery SystemPoint of AimRangePlusMinus
FoamCircular Motion Center of the Face10 Feet (3 m)Reduced Cross Contamination & Great Facial CoverageDecreased Range
Gel CrossfireEar to Ear Across the Eyes15 to 20 Feet (4.6 to 6 m)Reduced Cross Contamination & Increased RangeRequires More Accuracy

The industry's best

The industry's best
Crossfire will even deploy vertically upward from a horizontal position!

SABRE Crossfire, like all other SABRE law enforcement pepper sprays: 

  • Is backed by our exclusive HPLC guarantee, eliminating 30% failure rate
  • Features target acquisition confirmation 
  • Contains marking dye, identifying subjects for up to 48 hours 
  • EID compatible
  • Backed by ISO 9001:2008 certification 
  • Comes from a registered EPA & Health Canada establishment
  • Has a 5-year shelf life—saving you time and money! 

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Calgary police are spicing-up their arsenal by adding a more potent pepper spray canister to their belts because the old product fails to subdue aggressive subjects 30 per cent of the time.

Police found the regular spray has little effect on some people because they seem to have an altered sense of pain and are able to function despite being blasted -- usually those who are highly aggressive, drunk, mentally ill or high on drugs such as methamphetamine.

The new oleoresin capsicum (OC) spray is seven times more potent, made of oil taken from the placenta near the stem of the hottest cayenne peppers.

— Emma Poole, Calgary Herald

Law enforcement classes & training. 

SABRE is committed to educating our product users on the proper way to operate OC pepper spray & SABRE aerosol projectors for the safest, most effective outcome. Check here to learn more about instructor certification training courses, and find out which products we recommend for training purposes.

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