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Safe Is Smart.

See the Dorm and Apartment Safety Kit in Action on the Today Show

Today Show's Jeff Rossen shows how effective and easy it is to use the Dorm and Apartment Safety Kit.

When it comes to where to buy self-defense products for college students, trust SABRE. We deeply believe that you have a right to a safe collegiate experience, and our products reflect that. We have a variety of personal safety devices for college students including pepper sprays, personal alarms, and dorm room kits.

Not only are these products attention grabbing, with a 120 dB alarm, they can stop an intruder in action. SABRE Home Security and Personal Safety Products install in minutes - with no wiring required, and are easy to use day in and day out.

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There is a difference

See how SABRE pepper spray stacks up against other brands. (1:32)

This video shows how other pepper spray brands compare to SABRE when it comes to… 

  • Pepper spray strength (compared to the average hot sauce)
  • Lab-tested reliability
  • Leading the global pepper spray industry
  • Amount of pepper spray in each canister—protection against multiple threats


Stun Guns and the Voltage Myth

WARNING: Don’t purchase a stun gun before reading the shocking truth.

If you've ever shopped around for stun guns, you've seen plenty of extremely high voltage claims - possibly up to 100 million volts. These astronomical figures sound impressive - but the truth is, when it comes to stun guns, claims like these are not only wildly misleading, but also physically impossible. 

Get the truth. Watch the video to learn more. 

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Learn More About Pepper Spray

Top Five Reasons to Carry Pepper Spray
  1. Protection at a safe distance—why go hands on?
  2. Very practical—protection against multiple threats
  3. Convenient—legal to carry in all 50 states
  4. Ideal for everyone—doesn't require size or strength to use*
  5. Proven effective—police worldwide carry pepper spray 

SABRE is dedicated to educating our customers: learn the most common effects of pepper spray.


*Some states require users to be 18 years of age or older. Check your local laws.

Don't be fooled by our competitors' misleading numbers! Get the facts on heat, strength and the law!
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