Pepper Projectile Launcher Spare Magazine & Projectile Kit


The SABRE Home Defense Pepper Projectile Launcher is the home security and personal safety solution designed to help you protect yourself and your family at a safer distance from multiple threats. Stay prepared with additional refill sets including the Training Projectile Refill Kit, Pepper Projectile Refill Kit, Spare Magazine and Pepper Projectile Kit, and the Spare Magazine. The SL-P1C Launcher deploys a series of maximum strength red pepper powder projectiles from a safe distance of 60-feet (20m) designed to deter home intruders and provide you with the confidence your loved ones are safe and protected. An easy-to-use Projectile Launcher, it provides effective protection from a distance. The SL-P1C SABRE Pepper Projectile Launcher has no recoil. Indirect contact, projectiles will burst on impact up to 175-ft (53-m). Releasing up to seven projectiles of maximum strength pepper powder saturating the area with a 6-ft (2m) pepper cloud, the SL-P1C can increase you and your family's chances to escape a dangerous situation.​

  • Home Defense Launcher Spare Magazine From The #1 Pepper Spray Brand Trusted By Police (Including New York PD, Chicago PD and U.S. Marshals): Law enforcement agencies worldwide use pepper projectile launchers every day​
  • Safety At A Distance: Direct Impact up to 60-ft and will Indirect Contact up to 175-ft (53-meters), each magazine holds up to seven .68 caliber red pepper powder projectiles designed to cause intense pain on impact and deter intruder​
  • Protection Against Multiple Threats: Each magazine can hold up to seven (7) red pepper powder projectiles helping to maximize your security and safety​
  • Double Your Stopping Power: This spare magazine can be preloaded with SABRE maximum strength red pepper powder projectiles to help ensure you have a back-up loaded magazine; Quick release and reload helps to make your Home Defense Launcher ready at a moment’s notice​
  • Reload With Confidence: The Pepper Projectile Launcher is easy to use with an intuitive, compact and lightweight design; Each kit comes with manual on how to safely load and unload projectiles and C02 cartridges​
Item Weight (lbs) 0.34
Spray Distance (ft) 0
Are Batteries Required? No
Are Batteries Included? No
Battery Type n/a