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Escape to safety with SABRE, while your loved ones stay connected every step of the way.


  • Over 75,000,000 Protected
  • 425,000 SABRE Reviews ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • #1 Brand Used by Law Enforcement


  • Free Text Alerts & Live GPS Tracking: Once Spray is Deployed, Your Movements are Shared as You Escape to Safety
  • Max Strength: Strongest Single Ingredient Formula Available on the Market
  • Easy to Use: Fast Flip Top™ & Ergonomic Finger Grip Helps with Aim
  • Defends Against Multiple Attackers: 10 Seconds Total Spray Time
  • Practice Provides Confidence: Water Practice Spray Included


How Does SMART Personal Safety Work?

When the SABRE SMART tool is deployed, through its Bluetooth® connection to the SABRE Personal Safety App, the tool triggers a text message to trusted contacts with a live map link of the user's location. The app updates the location in real-time, enabling trusted contacts to track the user until they're safe.

Does the app allow my contacts to check my location anytime they want?

No. Trusted contacts are only sent a link with the user's live location when the tool is deployed or the "Alert" button is pressed in the SABRE Personal Safety app. Once the user marks themself as safe in the app, the location sharing automatically stops.

Is the SABRE Personal Safety App free?

Yes, the SABRE Personal Safety App is free to download on your iOS or Android smartphone.

Can I refill the SABRE SMART Pepper Spray?

Yes, the SABRE SMART tool is refillable and rechargeable, making it cost-effective compared to other smart personal safety options.

Self Defense Techniques

Chicago Today features SABRE CEO and personal safety expert David Nance to discuss simple techniques to help keep you safe.

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