SABRE Impact 0.68 Caliber Projectiles, 330 fps/1000 m Per Second, Up to 60-Feet Range, 100 Count


Contact for Pricing at 800-325-9574

The SABRE Impact 0.68 Caliber Projectiles have a range up to 60-feet (18.3 meters) with a velocity of 330 fps (100 meters/second). Projectile has a solid advanced polymer payload causing impact distress. Can be quickly deployed to control multiple subjects and are ideal for crowd/riot control, combative subjects, high-risk transports, and correctional applications. 100 count.


Advantages and Benefits


  • Increase Accuracy (SABRE 0.68 Caliber Projectiles are approximately 10% heavier than the competition)
  • Increased Kinetic Force (SABRE 0.68 projectiles increased weight translates into a max kinetic impact of 15 Ft/Lbs (20.5 joules))
  • Advanced Polymer material
  • 330 fps/100 m per second velocity
  • 10-15 ft/lbs / 13.5 -20.5 joules
  • Up to 60 feet (18.3 meters) range
  • Can be quickly deployed to control multiple suspects
  • Multi-sensory effects upon contact including impact distress, difficulty breathing, and involuntary eye closure
  • Ideal for crowd/riot control, high-risk transports, combative suspects, and correctional applications
Item Weight (lbs) 0.007

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