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A #Partner4Protection keeps you safer, even when you’re apart. Who’s yours? Submit a photo! If chosen, we’ll donate $500 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation in your names and send you a PARTNER PACK, with 2 Pink Pepper Sprays and a Practice Spray. So you can practice safety together. To enter visit and submit your photo. It's that easy!


And to become a #Partner4Protection with SABRE, follow us for awesome safety tips and more!

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 Click here for entry details and Official Rules.

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Support Breast Cancer Awareness with these Products

While SABRE’s Pink products raise money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation 365 days a year, what better time than October to help your #Partner4Protection? When you purchase any of the products below, you directly support the NBCF and their efforts to defeat this disease.

Pink Key Case Pepper Spray with Quick Release Key Ring

Pink Personal Alarm Key Ring

Designer Pepper Spray with Pink Ribbons & Key Ring

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Health and well-being are concerns we all share. That’s why SABRE partnered for protection with the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Since 2008, the proceeds from our Pink Pepper Spray and Personal Alarm sales have helped fund life-saving prevention programs, making protection more accessible to women everywhere, every day.

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By partnering with the National Breast Cancer Foundation, SABRE has been able to fund life-saving treatment and preventative care for over 14,000 women since 2008. When you buy Pink Pepper Spray or a Personal Alarm, you're not just looking out for the safety of yourself or someone you love. You're also supporting an organization that works every day to defeat this disease. For every woman who's safer, you'll help more women get saved. So far, SABRE has donated over $1.55 million to the cause.

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