Best Runner Pepper Gel

This runner pepper gel is the best in the market to get an extra level of security so you can focus on the workout ahead and enjoy your run. It releases a powerful stream of max-strength pepper gel that virtually eliminates wind blowback and contains UV marking dye to help police identify potential suspects.

  • Adjustable, Ambidextrous & Reflective Hand Strap: Allows you to easily carry without intruding on your run, and provides quick, immediate access. It adjusts to fit almost any hand size and a reflective logo provides additional visibility in the dark, making it the best runner pepper gel.
  • Pepper Gel: The slightly thicker, stickier formula resists wind blowback, perfect for use in outdoor, windy areas, only affects what it directly contacts, and is harder for a threat to wipe off.
  • Contains 35 bursts for Protection Against Multiple Threats: Up to 25% of the time, victims of crime face more than one offender (Department of Justice)
  • Available in black and pink