Door Security Bars & Fake Cameras

Door Security Bars & Fake Cameras

SABRE home security door bars and fake cameras are user-friendly, affordable solutions for those looking for additional ways to protect their home.

Door Security Bars

The SABRE Adjustable Door Security Bar is a heavy-duty, dual-function security door bar made from high-grade iron that can secure just about any hinged door, sliding doors, and/or windows.

• Portable and Compact

• Easy to install - no tools needed!

Fake Cameras

The realistic dummy camera design can convince a would-be burglar that they're being watched or recorded, helping to deter intruders.

Fake cameras are easy to install - Our fake cameras for outside of your home require no wiring and installs in minutes. Place the fake cameras for your house where you think an intruder may try to enter your home.