Self-Defense For Runners

Self-Defense For Runners

Getting outdoors is something to look forward to! Whether trying to beat your personal record, training for your first race, on the go, or just looking to stay healthy, make sure to stay safe outdoors with these key tips!


Personal safety is just that - personal. If you're a power walker, a marathon runner, a morning jogger, a night walker, or anything in between, we know that your needs are specific to you. That's why we have products for any lifestyle and need. Be sure to consider what safety products best fit your needs, and let us know if you have any questions about what's right for you!

Perfect for exercising outdoors, the Runner Pepper Gel with Adjustable Hand Strap offers maximum-strength protection at your fingertips.

This athletic pepper gel contains 35 bursts for protection against multiple threats. It provides protection at a safe distance with its impressive 12-foot (4M) range in a powerful gel stream delivery to reduce wind blowback.

Interested in learning more ways pepper spray and gels can keep you protected? Whether you're living life on college campus, out in bear country, getting exercise, or hanging out at home - SABRE has you protected.