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Planning a Safe Run

Do you have a running safety plan? If not, get started with these tips from our partners at Women's Running Magazine.

  1. Be vigilant: Consider ditching the headphones, or opt for just a single ear to ensure you can hear what's going on around you.
  2. Bring your phone: Bring your phone (or smart watch) along to ensure you can navigate if you get lost and can call for help if and when you need to. Consider downloading the SABRE Personal Safety app to send help alerts and stay connected to your loved ones!
  3. Consider your safety plan: After planning your route and laying out your gear, make sure to consider your safety plan. Consider running with a safety device for self-defense, like a runner pepper spray or gel.
  4. Most of all, trust your instincts. Your instincts and intuition are some of your top safety skills.⁣ ⁣If something feels off, it probably is.

Low Light Safety Tips

Are you an early-morning runner? Perhaps a runner that prefers to take on the night? Stay safer in lower light hours with these tips from our partners at Women's Running Magazine.

  1. Run against traffic: Make sure you can see oncoming traffic. Try to run on sidewalks and less busy roads when possible.
  2. Stay visible: Wear bright and light colors whenever you can, and consider bright accessories like an LED Armband or Personal Alarm to ensure you're visible to oncoming traffic including cars, bikes, and other runners.
  3. Make sure you can see: Try to run in well-lit areas whenever you can to ensure you can see the road ahead. Consider sporting a headlamp if there will be areas with particularly low light.

And remember, Personal safety is personal

And remember, Personal safety is personal

Personal safety is just that - it's personal, and different for everyone. If you're a power walker, a marathon runner, a morning jogger, a night walker, or anything in between, we know that your needs are specific to you. That's why we have products for any lifestyle and need. Be sure to consider what safety products best fit your needs, and let us know if you have any questions about what's right for you!

"I LOVE the SABRE Runner Pepper Gel because it's sticky, so rather than coming back on you, there’s a confidence it’s going where you want. I also like the lock on it, so I’m not worried about accidentally spraying. This is the running safety device I recommend the most. "

- Amanda Brooks, Marathon Coach and Author of Run to the Finish


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