Crossfire Pepper Spray with Belt Clip


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Stay safe with SABRE. Boasting the same police-strength protection as law enforcement, SABRE is the most popular formulation carried by police worldwide and contains UV Marking Dye to help police in suspect identification. This SABRE Crossfire Pepper Spray with Belt Clip provides you protection against multiple threats at a distance. SABRE’s Crossfire technology allows the pepper spray to be sprayed at any angle, even upside down, maximizing target acquisition and making it more dependable against moving threats. The Fast Flip Top™ Safety mechanism prevents accidental discharge, and the attached belt clip allows you to carry your pepper spray with you when commuting to work or home. SABRE Pepper Spray is made in USA. Family owned and operated for more than 45 years, SABRE is the #1 brand trusted by consumers worldwide for pepper spray and is a leader in developing safety programs and safety videos to maximize end users’ safety. Empower yourself with extreme stopping power when you need it most.

  • Trust the Professionals: SABRE is the #1 Pepper Spray brand trusted by police and consumers worldwide, including New York PD, Chicago PD, and U.S. Marshals; Made in the USA
  • Sprays at Any Angle: Crossfire technology allows the pepper spray to be sprayed at any angle, even upside down, for better, more dependable protection against moving threats
  • Maximum Strength Tactical Unit: Our maximum strength Pepper Spray is strong enough to use against a goal oriented attacker under the influence of drugs or alcohol; Backed by our industry exclusive in-house HPLC lab, guaranteeing maximum strength in each canister. Long range reach of up to 18-20ft
  • Quicker and Easier to Use: Fast Flip Top™ Safety provides better control and aim when seconds count! Includes Belt-Clip Attachment which allows you to carry hands free, with quick access when seconds count
  • Training Videos to Maximize Your Safety: In addition to your pepper spray, packaging includes links to free SABRE Pepper Spray training videos and safety tips to help maximize your personal safety
Item Weight (lbs) 0.48
Formula Pepper Spray
Spray Distance (ft) 18
Number of Bursts 18
Spray Pattern Powerful Stream
Liquid Volume (oz) 1.5
Package Contains Pepper Spray
Are Batteries Required? No
Are Batteries Included? No
Battery Type n/a
State Shipping Restrictions AK,DC,HI,MA,NJ,NY