Standalone Home Alarms

Standalone Home Alarms

Home Alarms Without the Extra Fees

Break-ins cause financial strain, emotional trauma, and more. The SABRE Home Series® is a line of affordable and simple-to-install home alarms that will help you scare off burglars, alert those necessary, and provide peace of mind. SABRE's alarms can be heard up to 1,000 ft (300 m) away, alerting you, the neighbors—and most importantly—the intruder that movement has been detected. These alarms are a great addition to your student's dorm room, a young professional's apartment, or a family looking for a simple solution to secure doors, windows, and more. The great thing about a SABRE do-it-yourself home alarm is that since it doesn't require electrical connection, you don't have to run any wires or hire an electrician. Just install your door alarm or window alarm and, within minutes, you're ready to go. Plus, the door and window alarms are perfect for travelers, since they come with self-adhesive pads, so you can set one up in your hotel room and sleep with the same peace of mind enjoyed at home.

  SABRE The Competition
Backed by More than 40 Years in the Security Industry  
#1 Pepper Spray Brand Trusted by Police Worldwide  
Installs in Minutes Some
Built-in Sirens Heard up to 1,000 feet (300 m) Away Some
Offering Wireless and Standalone Alarm Solutions Some


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