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A wireless home alarm system is one of the most affordable ways to help secure your home or business from break-ins.

Easy to install and simple in style, the wireless home alarm system, distributed by SABRE, a world leader in security devices, gives the consumer more direct control over their security without excessive and expensive third-party monitoring. SABRE specializes in DIY wireless alarm systems that are designed to deter would-be criminals and alert building owners/inhabitants that a burglary has been detected.  

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This system is designed to use multiple sensors to monitor different zones from a single mounted hub.

A key fob provides added security with the ability to arm, disarm and engage a panic feature. Widely seen as one of the best DIY home security systems available today, the wireless home alarm system is ideal for use both in the home and in commercial buildings.

Wireless Home Security Made Easy

Wireless home security made easy.

Our systems are scalable, so you're free to make it as simple or as extensive as you like. Protect every window with a wireless window alarm. Or, for additional security, add a wireless motion sensor alarm on the stairs or in the hallway. As a starter, you could also install a wireless door alarm at each entrance, and add more components at a later time.

Whether your home is a freestanding house, an apartment or even a dorm room, installing one of our SABRE wireless burglar alarms will provide peace of mind while you're home—alerting you should an intruder try to gain entrance. Also, when you're gone at work, school or vacation, the same wireless house alarm remains on guard with a 120 dB home alarm siren that will help let your neighbors know if something's not right at your house.

If you have any questions, or simply want more information, contact SABRE today!

SABRE Home Series

Home security made simple.

Break-ins cause financial strain, emotional trauma, and more. The SABRE Home Series® is a line of affordable and simple-to-install home alarms that will help you scare off burglars, alert those necessary, and provide peace of mind.

A Brand You Can Trust


SABRE has four decades of experience building a reputation for excellence in the security industry. The Home Series products offer the same quality people have come to expect from our top-selling personal safety tools.


SABRE wants you to be educated in how to get the most out of our Home Series. Find a helpful video with each product on our website!


SABRE's wireless home security systems and standalone home alarms are ready for use in minutes. Each product is battery operated for easy, do-it-yourself installation.


With no monthly monitoring fees or expensive installation costs, SABRE's Home Series offers high-value security at an affordable price.

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Personal Safety Academy

Protect yourself and your loved ones.

If confronted by a dangerous scenario, you’ll need a plan. The SABRE Personal Safety Academy trains the general public to help identify threatening situations before it’s too late and teaches self-defense techniques to help escape safely. SABRE wants our customers to have the confidence to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Good product, good size, and nice and loud. [...] will surely get someone's attention.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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