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Stun Guns

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What is a stun gun? 

A stun gun is a highly effective self defense tool for men and women that emits electrical currents. The resulting charge can cause the target to experience pain and become disoriented, allowing you with a chance to get away to safety.  


SABRE offers tactical stun guns as well as compact and concealable models with a variety of flashlight intensities.  

How Is a Stun Gun's Strength Measured?

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Stun guns can induce pain through the quantity of electrical charge that is transmitted to the body. This is measured through microcoulombs, the only true measurement of a stun gun's strength. 


Some stun guns claim extremely high voltage - up to 100 million volts. While this sounds impressive, voltage measures the force of the electrical current, which does not indicate the pain induced to the target. On top of that, the maximum voltage that can be reached for the standard size of stun gun is 30,000*.


According to the National Institute of Justice, with microcoulombs at 0.5, subjects reported pain, and intolerable pain was reported at 1.0 microcoulombs. That's why all of SABRE's stun guns produce at least 1.0 microcoulombs of electrical charge.

Learn more about the strength of stun guns - and how to measure strength effectively -  here.

What Makes a Good Stun Gun?

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Stun guns are personal safety tool designed to be used in emergencies and must be reliable and easy to access at a moment's notice, as well as have the features needed to help increase safety.


SABRE's stun guns include the industry's highest pain-inducing model designed to help fend off and escape an attacker. With size and accessibility options across tactical to compact models, each SABRE stun gun offers industry-leading strength. From models featuring aircraft-grade aluminum to vibrant, designer colors, SABRE® Stun Guns lead the category with:

  • Built-in LED flashlights (low-lumen flashlights help locate items in the dark, while high-lumen flashlights can disorient attackers from a safe distance)
  •  Intensely loud, intimidating sound from stun gun shock probes that can deter attackers before contact
  •  Product warranty and support
  •  Multiple rounds of product testing before delivery to a consumer 
  •  Accessibility options including clips, wrist straps and belt holsters
  •  Safety mechanisms to prevent accidental discharge

Consider Viewing Our Stun Gun Laws Page for possible state restrictions and Regulations

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