How to Use a Stun Gun

Personal Safety is personal. That’s why it’s important to us at SABRE that you feel comfortable and confident to use your stun gun if needed. We’re here to teach you how to use your stun gun properly in a few easy steps.

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How to Use a Stun Gun: Step 1

Make sure your stun gun is quickly and easily accessible. Most of SABRE’s stun guns come with either a wrist strap or holster so keeping it close shouldn’t be an issue.

How to Use a Stun Gun: Step 2

It’s important to have the muscle memory and comfort of grabbing the stun gun quickly, whether that’s from your bag, purse, or out of a belt holster. How do you build muscle memory? Practice. It’s important to practice grabbing your stun gun so if you’re in a dangerous situation and need it, you’ll feel confident grabbing it quickly to protect yourself. When you first practice, take a look at your stun gun to familiarize yourself with the product. You want the end of the product to be put into the attacker as that is where the electricity will emit and cause pain.

It's a smart idea to test your product every now and then as well to make sure it’s still working properly and is fully charged. You only need to do this in half second bursts – deploying it for longer periods of time can cause damage to the product.

If your stun gun also has a flashlight, make sure to familiarize yourself with using that feature as well! Using the flashlight can be incredibly helpful in situations at night, such as finding your door lock or keys. If you can’t use the stun gun and flashlight features at the same time with your stun gun, you want to be able to know how to switch back and forth quickly.

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How to Use a Stun Gun: Step 3

You’ll want to charge your stun gun right away upon purchase so that the battery will be ready to go when you need it. Make sure to read your product manual for specific charging times and instructions. Rechargeable models have an initial 12-hour charging period. After that, you’ll charge it weekly for 4-5 hours. For battery operated models, make sure to read the product manual so you can insert the correct batteries and replace them when you need to.

How to Use a Stun Gun: Step 4

Using your stun gun. Most stun guns have several safety measures in place to help prevent you from activating it when you do not intend to do so. There’s the on/off switch and a separate activation switch to discharge your self-defense tool.

To maximize your safety, there are three areas of maximum effectiveness that you’ll want to make direct contact with. Those three areas are the upper hip, the shoulder, or below the rib cage. A 5-second direct contact can cause the attacker to experience confusion or disorientation, allowing you an opportunity to escape to safety.

A stun gun shock will only incapacitate an attacker for a few seconds – once you’ve stopped the attacker or can escape towards safety, do so immediately. Call for help if needed.

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Video: How to Use a Stun Gun

You can learn more of how to use a stun gun in this video below.

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