Home & Away Campus Safety Kit with Pepper Gel & Door Stop Alarm


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Stay safe at home and on the go with SABRE’s Home and Away Campus Safety Kit. This kit contains one (1) canister of SABRE Pepper Gel with Quick Release Key Ring and one (1) Door Stop Alarm. SABRE's Pepper Gel provides for quicker and easier deployment. Pepper gel is deployed as a sticky, gel substance in a powerful stream to virtually eliminate wind blow-back and only to affect the target. The 25 bursts provide ample spray capacity for protection against multiple threats if need be, and permits protection at a safe distance with its 12-foot (4-meter) range. Pepper gel also contains UV marking dye which helps the authorities to identify an aggressor after they’ve been sprayed. Quick release key ring allows for easy attachment to a keychain and maximum portability. SABRE’s Door Stop Alarm is a great solution to either help fortify an existing home alarm system or use on its own in a bedroom, dorm, hotel room or apartment. The extremely 120 dB loud alarm is audible up to 1,000-feet (300-meters) away and sounds when door pressure is applied. The alarm is coupled with a non-skid pad to prevent the door from opening to help keep intruders out. Installs easily – simply slide it under an inward-swinging door. There’s no wiring needed, so the alarm works during power outages. Requires 1x9V battery (not included). A small Philips Head #1 size screwdriver is required to remove battery compartment cover.

  • Carry With Confidence And Be Prepared: With 25 bursts for protection against multiple threats and 12-foot (4-meter) range
  • Faster, Easier, More Accurate: Twist lock safety helps to prevent accidental discharge for safe storage; Finger grip enhances your grasp and aim so you can keep your eyes on the threat
  • Attention-Grabbing:When door pressure is applied, the extremely loud 120 dB alarm helps wake/alert homeowner or renter, helps deter intruders and possibly notifies neighbors (audible up to 1,000 feet or 300 meters away)
  • Versatile With Maximum Security: Features a non-skid pad to prevent door from opening while alarm sounds. Also makes a great travel alarm for hotels
  • Easy Installation: No wiring needed; battery-operated (requires 1x9V battery); small Philips Head number 1 screwdriver required to remove battery compartment cover
Item Weight (lbs) 0.4
Formula Pepper Gel
Spray Distance (ft) 12
Number of Bursts 25
Spray Pattern Powerful Stream of Gel
Liquid Volume (oz) 0.54
Alarm Range (ft) 1500
Alarm Strength (db) 120
Package Contains Set includes: Pepper Gel w/Quick Release Key Ring, Door Stop Alarm
Are Batteries Required? No
State Shipping Restrictions AK,DC,HI,MA,NY
Accessories 178,181,154