SABRE Defense 0.33% MC 3.3 oz Foam (MK-4)


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Product Overview

Foam pepper spray is a good option for using indoors or when your target is close to you. It does not require the precise aiming of some other types of pepper spray. Used properly, it will cover an assailant's face to temporarily incapacitate him and give you time to get away and summon help.

Foam greatly reduces cross-contamination because it does not allow the formula to atomize in the air. That makes cleanup after use much easier. This product also contains marking dye to help law enforcement officers identify suspects.

Our Defense 0.33% MC 3.3-Oz. MK-4 Foam gives you plenty of power. It deploys18 full one- second bursts at a range of 8 to 10 feet.


  • Guaranteed SABRE Maximum Strength Formula in Every Canister: According to an independent study conducted by the University of Utah, variability rates in the concentration of active ingredients in pepper sprays have a 30% failure rate. With an industry exclusive HPLC laboratory, only SABRE guarantees its maximum strength formulation in every canister.
  • Five-year shelf life
  • Backed by eye, skin and inhalation testing
  • Target acquisition confirmation
  • UV marking dye
  • Nonflammable/EID compatible
  • High-temperature exposure test
  • Low-temperature exposure test
  • Test-fired before leaving factory
  • PSI accuracy test before leaving factory
  • Leakage prevention test before leaving factory
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified
  • EPA approved