Wireless Home Security Products

Wireless Home Security Products


Home holds our most precious possessions: family, memories, and things meant to be kept safe. Most people already take some simple precautions in their daily lives to protect the things they value – installing smoke detectors, locking the parked car, and looking both ways before crossing the street – but some people still rely on only a simple lock to keep their home safe.


There is no one way to create a safe home, which is why home security should cater to each unique home with a variety of scalable products available to help Make It Safe®.


With SABRE do-it-yourself home security products, you can customize your home to help deter intruders. From home defense pepper gels to stand-alone alarms and wireless home security systems, you have the option to implement an affordable, easy-to-install, and effective home security solution – no matter where you call home.

According to a 2020 Home Security Market Analysis, expensive hardware and cost of ownership have hampered the adoption of home security systems. The typical American homeowner has 40% of their wealth tied up in their home, and most homeowners face at least one challenge during the home improvement process—most notably, coming up with the money to make the desired improvements or enhancements including some type of home security measure.


Further, 58% of burglaries happen to homes making below the average household income, including first time homeowners, renters, college students, and seniors.

Who is At-Home Safety For?

Home Security Products for NEW HOMEOWNERS

SABRE recognizes that a lot goes into a new home - furniture, appliances, improvements, and the anticipation of a future full of bright memories. By adding an affordable home security solution to your list of necessities, you help ensure the protection of that future.

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Home Security Products for RENTERS

When you rent, you need home security that can follow you wherever you go. With no installation or monthly fees, SABRE home security and home defense pepper gel products help provide peace of mind without permanently affecting your rental unit. Each security product can be easily uninstalled and reinstalled in a new location.

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Home Security Products for FAMILIES

Once you have children, the importance of home security goes up for parents – both in keeping kids in and keeping unwanted visitors out. SABRE’s wireless home security systems provide sensors you can place on every point of entry in your home, while standalone products such as indoor and outdoor motion sensors and home defense pepper gels bolster any home safety system.

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Home Security Products for STUDENTS

Moving into a college residence may be the first taste of freedom, but it may also come with the possibility of unwanted threats. Despite the security that colleges and universities provide, burglaries represent the largest percentage of campus crime because of the high-priced electrical gadgets that can often be found in a student’s dwelling. SABRE standalone alarms help provide peace of mind without permanently affecting your dorm or apartment. Each security product is easily uninstalled and reinstalled in a new location, so they can move with you from year to year.

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Home Security Products for Aging Adults

Adults who are aging are faced with unique obstacles in protecting their homes. Home defense pepper gels allow aging adults maximum strength protection from a safe distance (up to 25 ft.). Affordable SABRE home security systems and standalone alarms can be easily install in seconds with no expensive setup charges or monthly monitoring costs. These are highly effective and truly do-it-yourself solutions to help provide peace of mind that your home is secure.

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Make It Safe®, Go Confidently

At SABRE, we not only provide best-in-class personal safety solutions to help maximize your safety. We also strive to educate and empower so that, in the face of danger, SABRE users are equipped with not only powerful and innovative products but the knowledge and confidence to use them.

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