Best Home Defense Pepper Gel

Protect your family and your home from intruders with Home Defense Pepper Gel. The larger canister of this self-defense gel spray is designed for use inside the home and delivers an impressive 25-foot range of protection to help keep you and your family a safe distance from an intruder. It also contains UV marking dye to help police identify suspects.

  • Pepper Gel: Safe for indoor use, gel only affects the intended person it directly contacts, not others in the immediate area, won't spread through heating, air or ventilation systems, and is harder for a threat to wipe off.
  • Wall Mount: Store your pepper gel in a place that is convenient to you, and out of children's reach, with the included wall mount. This keeps the pepper gel readily available at a moment's notice.
  • Contains 32 bursts for Protection Against Multiple Threats: Up to 25% of the time, victims of crime face more than one offender (Department of Justice)