Best Keychain Pepper Gel

One product, twice the protection. This gel pepper spray keychain is easy to use and to carry around so you can have maximum protection on-the-go. It releases a powerful stream of max-strength pepper gel that virtually eliminates wind blowback and contains UV marking dye to help police identify potential suspects.

  • Safety Whistle Keychain: This Sabre pepper gel with keychain allows you to always carry it with you and have easy, immediate access when hanging from a bag. Detach the super loud whistle (heard up to 750 feet away) to help deter attackers and draw attention to yourself. Carry the whistle by itself for protection in places that may not allow pepper gel or sprays.
  • Intuitive Finger Grip: Helps ensure that you're pointing the spray in the correct direction with touch alone to help you keep your eyes on a threat and provide better aim
  • Pepper Gel: Designed to keep you safe both indoors and out, gel only affects the intended person it directly contacts, not others in the immediate area, won't spread through heating, air or ventilation systems, and is harder for a threat to wipe off.
  • Gel pepper spray keychain contains 25 bursts for Protection Against Multiple Threats: Up to 25% of the time, victims of crime face more than one offender (Department of Justice)
  • Available in a variety of colors to fit your style