Best Personal Alarm with Motion Detector

One device, twice the protection. This personal alarm features an extremely loud 120 dB alarm and a built-in motion detector that helps to scare away potential threats and alerts those nearby that you need help.

  • Ear-piercing sound: Heard up to 1,150 ft. away or the length of almost 4 football fields
  • Motion detector: Identifies movement up to 15 feet away and scans a wide, 120-degree area.
  • Multi-Use: Set it on a table or attach it to a metal surface with its metal backing. Attach it to a car door when loading groceries or children to detect if someone is approaching from behind
  • Simple Operation: Just pull the metal chain to sound the alarm and push the pin back in to stop the sound.
  • Easy to carry: The small, compact design and snap hook make it easily attach onto keys, bags, and more to carry it wherever you go.
  • Legal for children over the age of 12, in all 50 states, and to carry on airplanes, making it the best personal travel alarm with motion detector.
  • Available in black and turquoise