Aimee Johnson - Listen in on Crime Prevention 101

05 09 2011

Listen to Aimee Johnson, National Sales Manager of SABRE - Security Equipment Corporation, explain what pepper spray does and why it's important to carry.Aimee also discusses the wide selection of popular SABRE and SABRE RED personal safety sprays (commonly referred to as pepper spray). CLICK HERE to listen to Aimee

The show also features other safety experts."If You've Been a Victim of Crime, Know Your Rights - & - Electronic Pickpocketing: How to Protect Against It - & - Using Pepper Spray for Self Defense" are the main topics covered during this segment.

Crime Prevention 101 is hosted by Susan Bartelstone, Crime Prevention & Personal Safety Specialist.The show "is a weekly, hour-long, magazine-format variety show, with an optimistic perspective on a very sober subject giving life-saving information on subjects like preventing sexual assault; discuss legal trends that start conversations, like what factors sway juries, and lighten the mood with offbeat topics like prison coaching for celebrities and white collar criminals. Listeners call in with requests for assistance; and every week, we help a different Crime Stoppers group catch a local criminal.