Antidotes for Pepper Spray

06 16 2010

There is nothing worse than trying to spray an assailant, only to find you have also sprayed yourself with pepper spray. Even an accidental spray of the fiery liquid can leave eyes and skin burning for hours. This is not the best way to learn how effective pepper spray can be as a deterrent.

In case you accidentally spray yourself with pepper spray, it is important to know how to treat the burn quickly and effectively. If you are looking for an antidote for being exposed to pepper spray, SABRE is here to help. Whether you are searching for a bear spray antidote or a general pepper spray antidote, read on to find some simple solutions to a misdirected pepper spray dilemma.

  • Move to fresh air. Pepper spray is made with a derivative of cayenne pepper that can make it difficult to breathe. If you have been sprayed with pepper spray, move to an open area with plenty of fresh air.
  • Shed affected clothing. If the spray has covered any piece of clothing, remove that piece immediately. Clothing sprayed with pepper spray can affect the skin for extended periods.
  • Wash away the spray. Use a mild detergent to remove the pepper spray from the skin. The detergent should not include any fragrances because these can irritate the skin further. Imagine putting alcohol on a burn - this is the same effect fragrances can have on skin affected by pepper spray.
  • Try not to rub affected skin or eyes. Rubbing just moves the pepper spray to a larger area of the skin. Instead of rubbing, see the above step and cleanse away the spray.
  • Use SABRE Decon Cleanse and SABRE Decon Soothe to effectively combat the effects of chemical agents, prevent reactivation (for instance, while exercising or taking hot showers) and guard against further contamination of unwanted areas.

No one wants to feel the effects of pepper spray, but if an accident occurs, it is important for you to remain calm and follow the steps listed above. Pepper spray can leave skin red and irritated for days, so keep safe and learn how to use pepper spray correctly before an accident happens. That way, you'll be ready to react to any mishaps as well as to deter any attackers who cross your path.

If you have any questions, we are here to help. Feel free to contact us for expert advice.