Bear Spray - Yes, Even in the Winter

12 14 2015

Bear spray and safety in numbers are being emphasized by KCAW-FM - yes, even this late in the year. Bear encounters happen year-round, reports State Fish & Game biologist Phil Mooney. True, bears are in their dens for the winter, but this doesn't mean they sleep the entire time.

"They're not true hibernators so they do have the ability if they get disturbed they can move," Mooney explained to KCAW-FM. "If these are sub adults and they are in an area of people walking their dogs or dogs out running, if they get in the vicinity they can get up in move or if there's still food around that's still a draw for them."

So, all of our bear safety tips still apply this winter.


"I am sure the 'hiss' of the spray escaping the canister startled her to a point, however, the spray was upon her in an instant. She reacted immediately [...]. She ran away basically the same direction she had approached, at approximately 45 degrees away shaking her head."

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