Black Friday Shopping Safety

11 28 2014

The Thanksgiving holiday weekend is known for the door-buster deals and shopping savings so great that people are willing to camp out days before to score the biggest prize. But the weekend of specials has started earlier and earlier, prompting nicknames of "Brown Thursday" since many stores are open the night of Thanksgiving in addition to Black Friday.

With the possibility to save big bucks and the need to beat the thousands of other shoppers to the check out line, it's no surprise personal safety is one of the last things on someone's mind. But during the holidays, criminals are on the prowl, ready to take advantage of the fact many people aren't engaged with their surroundings.

Throughout the month of December, we're going to share several holiday shopping safety tips that will serve to keep you and your new purchases safe from crimes of opportunity. CEO and Personal Safety Expert David Nance gave radio interviews on stations across the country to promote this message.

Below you can listen in on a few of the interviews - simply click the links:

WBIG-AM Chicago: "The Big Wake-Up Call"

WYRQ-FM Minneapolis: "Morning News"

WKZO-AM Grand Rapids/Kalamazoo: "Kalamazoo's Morning News"

Make sure to stay connected during the next few weeks for even more holiday shopping and holiday travel tips to keep you safe!