Empowerment and Safety: Women's History Month Meets Red Cross Month

03 05 2017

Each March, we celebrate powerful women with Women's History Month. It's also Red Cross Month, in which we pay homage to safety, health and community service. It's fitting that these two events are simultaneous, as powerful women and community service intersect so frequently.

Today we're looking at Clarissa "Clara" Harlowe Barton, American Red Cross founder. Born in 1821, Clara defied the time's gender roles by working outside of the home as a nurse and humanitarian.

As an adult, Clara "became a teacher, worked in the U.S. Patent Office and was an independent nurse during the Civil War," summarizes Biography.com. "While visiting Europe, she worked with a relief organization known as the International Red Cross, and lobbied for an American branch when she returned home. The American Red Cross was founded in 1881, and Barton served as its first president."

After resigning from the American Red Cross, Clara established the National First Aid Association, which centered on first aid education and emergency preparedness. The organization emphasized the importance of first aid kits, which remain crucial to this day.

A Survival Kit Essential

Every emergency kit should include a noise-making device, such as a Sport & Safety Horn. SABRE's horn is audible up to 1/2 mile (804M) away, and useful for several applications, including...

  • Boating: Calls for Coast Guard or other help
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  • Driving: Helps get attention of oncoming traffic in an emergency
  • Home: In case of natural disasters, injuries, etc.
  • Self-defense: Can be used as a personal alarm
  • Sporting events: Adds to enthusiastic cheers