Five Ways to Kick Start Your Spring Fitness Routine

03 30 2015

Today's post is courtesy of Jennifer Cassetta, author of Hear Me Roar: How to Defend Your Mind, Body & Heart Against People Who Suck. Take note of the five tips below to maximize your confidence, comfort and health.

It’s officially springtime! Which means soon it will be summer and the layers are coming off. In order to be healthy and confident for the summer, NOW would be a good time to kick that health and fitness routine into high gear.

Here are a few tips to help motivate you to achieve whatever results you are looking for this coming summer whether they are looking good in your bikini or just getting off your couch. Either way, you have to start somewhere!

  1. Drop the comparisons

    Eleanor Roosevelt said it best: "Comparison is the thief of joy." Once you start comparing your natural body type to celebrities or friends that have completely different shapes and lifestyles than you do, you can begin a downward spiral of self loathing. Skip the comparisons and focus on all of those times in life when you did accomplish something you set out to do.

  2. Detox your media consumption

    It’s guaranteed that the magazine stands and TV ads will be filled with size 0 and 2 models with captions like, "Get your bikini body now," "Melt fat and feel great" and on and on. It’s also guaranteed that most of those models are photoshopped and aren’t real in the first place. So, again, if these images bring you down and discourage you, stop buying them altogether. Focus on yourself and what’s healthy for you.

  3. Start with cardio

    If you are just beginning a fitness routine it’s best to start your first week or two with some basic cardio. Walk, jog or bike at least four times for a week or two for at least 30 minutes each session to start to build your endurance. Jumping straight into a crazy tough fitness program like P90X or Insanity could cripple you with soreness if you have been out of the fitness game for a few months.

  4. Add in strength training

    Depending on your fitness level, you will want to start strength training soon after you build a bit of endurance (sooner if you are more fit, later if you are less fit). Start with two days of strength training in addition to your cardio routine. These sessions can be filled with body weight exercises, dumbbells, machines or resistance bands. Choose your weapon!\
  5. Amp it up with HIIT training

    If you consider yourself moderately fit already but want to get that edge, incorporate HIIT training into your workouts. High Intensity Interval Training means that you are alternating short, intense bouts of exercise with rest periods. The possibilities are endless. Look up some examples online if you’re not sure what this is or start easily with some sprints. The goal is to get your heart rate up for a sustained amount of time (could be anywhere from one-three minutes), followed by a rest period and continue to repeat that for an entire workout of about 20-30 minutes.

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