An Garda Siochana (Irish National Police) – SABRE Pepper Spray

08 31 2012

Since the adoption of pepper spray back in late 2009, the An Garda Siochana (Irish National Police) have used OC spray almost 3,500 times. According to The Irish Times, during the three years prior to 2008, attacks on gardaí doubled to 655. In response, pepper spray was sought to quell this rise. The spray can be used to incapacitate a person during a public order incident or in any other case where gardaí deem people to be a threat to the safety of a Garda or a member of the public

The An Garda is a force of approximately 14,000 officers. They are the only police force in Ireland. Security Equipment Corporation, manufacturer ofSABRE personal safety sprays, proudly supplies the An Garda Siochana!