Hotel Safety and Security

03 04 2015

Hotel safety and security, unfortunately, is often an afterthought when we travel. When pursuing stress relief, it's easy to let a safety mindset fall by the wayside - but even the best vacation can be ruined by damage to your person or property. Here are some tips for vacationers to help enhance hotel safety and security:

  • Do your research before booking your hotel, call and ask about security. How many hours per day is the front desk staffed? Are there security guards on staff - and, if so, are they available to escort guests to their rooms? Is the premises protected by security alarms and cameras?
  • Choose your floor when you check in, specify that you would prefer not to stay on the ground floor, where break-ins are more common.
  • Lock up the doors to your room. For even more peace of mind, bring a door stop alarm that will alert you if someone tries to break in. Secure important belongings in your hotel safe. Warning: Keep in mind that though a better place for your belongings, hotel room safes are not infallible. Take large amounts of cash or critical possessions to the front desk and ask about security options.
  • Make your room look occupied when you leave your room, keep the radio or TV on.

On a related note, be sure to take information about your hotel out with you (but steer clear of prying eyes!). Since you probably won't have the hotel's number and address memorized, having the information with you could help you navigate foreign ground efficiently. Once you arrive safely, be sure to take the quick, easy precautions listed so that you can sit back and enjoy hotel safety and security.

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