HPLC Guarantee – SABRE Pepper Sprays Biggest Industry Advantage!

02 28 2012

Did you know pepper sprays have been proven to fail 30% of the time? Because peppers are naturally grown, not every harvest is the same. Temperature, sunlight and precipitation all affect the quality and consistency of the produce. Just like a poor grape harvest will produce poor wine, a poor pepper harvest will produce a less potent pepper spray.

SABRE is, however, the exception! Unlike the competition, we ensure our heat levels through our HPLC Laboratory. Watch this short video to see how SABRE guarantees maximum strength pepper spray every time!

-SABRE is the ONE & ONLY manufacturer operating this technology! Because of this, we guarantee you will never have a product failure due to a bad batch! Furthermore, we are certified by the International Standard Organization (ISO 9001-2008) , Environmental Protection Agency, and Health Canada. You won't find this combination anywhere else!

Security Equipment Corporation is the proud manufacturer of Sabre Personal Safety Sprays (aka pepper spray), Sabre Red Law Enforcement Aerosol Irritant Projectors & Frontiersman Bear Spray. Our commitment to quality, excellence and a superior product is second to none.