Key-Ring Pepper Spray

10 06 2017

Women are popular consumers of pepper spray products. When women are alone, they may feel at a physical disadvantage when approached by men. Carrying a pepper spray canister helps them feel safe.

Choosing the right type of pepper spray canister is important. You want a compact size which is easy to carry. One option is to choose a compact pepper spray can with an attached key ring. You can hook this device onto your key ring or belt loop, provided the spray has a quick release key ring. Carry the device whenever you go anywhere alone. For example, carry the spray whenever you get in or out of the car, when you leave or approach your front door, and when you walk the dog at night. These are just a few of the many possibilities for when you should carry your pepper spray.

Some pepper spray products offer additional features which can assist law enforcement in apprehending criminals. Your pepper spray may include an ultraviolet (UV) dye. When you spray the attacker, the dye stains him or her. This attacker can later be identified because of the dye by law enforcement officers investigating the attack.

In addition to choosing the right features for your spray (i.e. the key ring attachment and the UV dye), remember to carefully read the manufacturer's instructions for proper use. Be sure you know how to open (arm/disarm) and spray the contents of the pepper spray canister in an emergency. Your pepper spray is a great thing to have in your hand and ready to use when you feel unsafe, especially while walking alone.