Man Stops Carjacking with Pepper Spray

06 28 2017

"I've got to stop these guys from what they're doing," was the first thought that came to Joseph Pitluck's head when he saw a carjacking taking place in the parking lot of his business in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Pitluck saw live security footage of two people approaching an SUV and opening the door as the driver put his hands in the air.

The business owner then grabbed his pepper spray and rushed to the scene of the carjacking. "The only thought that was going through my head was I've got to get out there as quick as I can," he said.

After Pitluck deployed his pepper spray, a suspect began throwing rocks at him. The police then arrived and arrested the suspect.

"We are definitely concerned for safety," said Pitluck, noting that there have been drug and vandalism problems in the neighborhood. "It would be nice to maybe partner with some other businesses and maybe hire some security."

Source: KOB4