Pepper Spray Deters Attacking Kangaroo

07 29 2011

Kangaroos are far from uncommon in the outback, however ones attacking humans are very rare. While hanging her laundry outside her home, Phyllis Johnson was mauled by a Kangaroo. The aggressive marsupial charged through her clothes line, surprising and knocking Phyllis to the ground. The Kangaroo proceeded to kick her several times.

When officers arrived they were forced to pepper spray the Kangaroo not once but twice in order to avoid being attacked themselves. The Kangaroo proceeded to hop away but not very far as authorities tracked the animal while wildlife professionals trapped it. Officer Perkins, one of the responders, stated “he had never before heard of police using pepper spray against one. ‘It did subdue the animal and drew its attention away for the officers, so it worked.’”

Some situations cannot be avoided, and Phyllis Johnson’s determination and composure were outstanding! Security Equipment Corporation, manufacturer of SABRE personal safety sprays (also known as pepper spray, encourages all to be ready. If you are attacked, remember Phyllis’s story! FIGHT & ESCAPE!