Pepper Spray Program Expansion for Federal Bureau of Prisons

03 17 2015

The Associated Press recently reported that “the vast majority of federal corrections officers are being equipped with pepper spray.” By popular demand, the Federal Bureau of Prisons (FBOP) has begun training in and equipping officers with pepper spray at all of the bureau’s 47 medium-security prisons.

Before last month, the FBOP had armed all officers at high-security prisons with pepper spray. The expansion means that workers at medium-security facilities will be better prepared to quell violence from inmates, especially those transitioning to and from high-security prisons.

The story mentioned above, published on March 12, 2015, quoted E.O. Young, the national president of the correction officers’ union as saying, “Mall cops have [pepper spray]. We definitely believe our prison staff should have it because they work with the most dangerous, heinous criminals society has ever produced.”

SABRE, one of the approved vendors for the FBOP, is seeing the majority of business for this program – that’s about one sale per day in recent weeks. Mike Patterson, SABRE’s Law Enforcement Sales Manager, explained why SABRE has been the brand of choice so far. “We have repeatedly found that SABRE products have become the industry-leading choice among law enforcement professionals, and there are a few reasons for that. Our mandatory eye, skin and inhalation testing ensure our products are up to rigorous health standards, while numerous other factors point to the superior performance of SABRE pepper sprays,” he said. “For example, our intensive quality assurance process includes test firing, leakage testing and PSI accuracy testing before any product leaves the factory. Moreover, SABRE is the only brand guaranteeing its heat levels for strength consistency via an in-house HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography laboratory."

All of the benefits Patterson highlighted above are just the beginning – learn more about SABRE's quality assurance.