Is Pepper Spray Reliable?

12 19 2011

Did you know pepper sprays have been proven to fail 30% of the time due to inconsistent levels?

As you could probably guess, pepper sprays (aka personal safety sprays) come from naturally grown peppers. The strength of these peppers are affected by climatic factors such as sunlight, rainfall, temperature. As the climate changes, so does the strength of red pepper harvests and pepper sprays. Wine makers experience the same challenges as a good grape harvest will produce higher quality wine and vice versa.

Here’s the good news! Security Equipment Corporation (SEC), manufacture of SABRE pepper sprays, operates an in-house High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) Laboratory to eliminate failures which would occur due to inconsistent heat levels. SABRE’s HPLC laboratory measures and helps SEC ensure its capsaicinoid levels are met in every SABRE batch. (Capsaicinoids by the way are the only proven method measure pepper spray strength.) Additionally, SEC is the only manufacture in the industry to operate an HPLC Laboratory. Because of this, SEC is the only company that guarantees they will NEVER have an OC failure due to inconsistent heat levels.

When protecting yourself or your family, you want Reliability, not Variability. You want SABRE’s HPLC Guarantee, the pepper spray industry’s #1 Advantage!