Questions to Ask Before Buying Pepper Spray

06 02 2010

Before you start shopping for defensive pepper spray, it's important that you know what questions to ask or things you should consider about this effective form of protection. Whether talking to the sales rep or browsing online, the more knowledge you obtain before making your purchase, the more satisfied you will be.

Most people never stop to consider the most fundamental issues that need to be considered prior to the purchase.

Which specific situations during your daily routine leave you most vulnerable?

Most people think that their pepper spray will most likely used while traveling to and from work. It certainly would be good to have in hand when entering and exiting the vehicle in transit to your home, office location or anytime you need to use your car. For this type of user, a pepper spray key chain may be the most effective type of spray to purchase. Runners on the other hand may feel more comfortable with athletic sprays that attach securely to their hand for easy accessibility. Consider the specific situations when you may need to use your pepper spray and this will help ensure that you have the right size, attachments, and range for your intended use.

What are the defensive spray laws in your area?

Unlike guns, pepper sprays are non-lethal, yet when used properly, they are very effective in disabling your attacker. Some states only authorize sales of defensive sprays in sporting good and drug stores, while other have very strict concentration or size guidelines. To avoid any headaches following your purchase, it's important to check with a defensive spray manufacturer or local law enforcement regarding the laws in your area regarding pepper spray ownership.

Don't forget range and number of uses!

Depending upon the size and design, defense sprays can cover from six (6) to thirty-five (35) feet! Most smaller key chain sprays will deploy ten (10) feet. If opting for a small spray, choose one with a ten (10) foot range to put more distance between you and your threat. Speaking of threats, what if you have more than one? It's very important to know how many bursts or shots your spray contains or how long it takes to empty when spraying continuously. It's very smart to consider the possibility you may encounter multiple threats and purchasing a spray with at least ten (10) shots is strongly recommended!