SABRE Pepper Gel: Introducing State-of-the-Art Athletic Models

05 04 2016

SABRE’s popular Runner and Duathlete models will now feature gel, offering the same police strength SABRE is known for, but with additional benefits. Pepper gel virtually eliminates airborne particles and wind blow-back, only affecting the target/person it directly contacts. These benefits make pepper gel ideal for outdoor use, with reduced chances of wind causing the spray to affect innocent parties, including the user. Gel also offers protection at an even safer distance its increased range: Gel reaches 20% farther than pepper spray.

“For 2016, we really thought hard about how to best outfit athletes with products that work well outdoors,” said Claire Schrantz, SABRE Marketing Manager. “With gel, customers can enjoy increased peace of mind while carrying their pepper-based personal safety product. Users won’t have to worry about wind taking their pepper irritant in an unintended direction. They can feel confident - especially when exercising alone either early in the morning or late at night.”

The Runner Pepper Gel with Adjustable Hand Strap ($12.99) fits in the palm of consumers’ hands for police-strength protection on the go. This runner favorite offers greater protection at a safe distance, boasting 35 bursts with an increased range of up to 12 feet.

The Duathlete Pepper Gel with Adjustable Arm Band($17.99) now features a more compact size, still incorporating the reflective armband to maximize visibility. Perfect for both runners and cyclists, the Duathlete also provides greater protection at a safe distance with the product’s 45 bursts at up to 12 feet away.

SABRE added a variety of new gel models - including athletic, on-the-go, tactical and home defense products - to its collection in 2016.

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