SABRE Pepper Spray on Cosmo Web-site!

08 18 2011

Cosmopolitan Magazine (Aka: Cosmo) is featuring the national charity RAINN (Rape Awareness Incest National Network) and their annual RAINN Day on September 22nd. This event takes place nationally across college campuses, helps raise awareness concerning sexual violence.

Security Equipment Corporation (SEC), manufacturer of SABRE Personal Safety Sprays (more commonly known as pepper spray), is listed as the self defense solution within the Cosmo article! SEC, a proud RAINN sponsor, donates a portion of all proceeds from their nationwide SABRE Personal Safety Academy which offers both the SABRE College Safety Program and SABRE Civilian Safety Awareness Program.

Cosmo, first published in 1886, is printed in 36 languages and distributed in over 100 countries. It is the largest selling young woman magazine in the world. RAINN, founded in 1994, is the largest sexual assault organization in the United States.