SABRE Pepper Spray: Safety Tool of Choice for Officers on Rikers Island

12 07 2015

SABRE's MK-6, a high-intensity law enforcement pepper spray, is a favorite safety tool for correction officers on Rikers Island, reports NY1.

Pepper spray's benefits are staggering. For instance, the use of force resulting in no injury to inmates has increased substantially since 2013 (see graph above), thanks in part to pepper spray.

A spokesman for the Department of Corrections said to NY1: "The use of chemical spray is part of a redesigned Use of Force police that emphasizes using force that is proportional to the threat encountered, and using de-escalation techniques whenever practical."

Why SABRE Pepper Sprays for Law Enforcement?

Force Science Research Center named OC spray the safest force option for both officers and offenders. OC spray (or pepper spray) "used in roughly 5% of force-involved arrests, produced the lowest rate of energy," Force Science announced in its report. "No cases resulted in hospitalization or were fatal."

SABRE is the #1 pepper spray trusted by police and consumers worldwide, and the brand of choice for the New York Police Department, Chicago Police Department, US Department of Defense, US Federal Bureau of Prisons and more.

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