Safety Tip: Justified to Use Pepper Spray?

07 05 2011

When am I justified to use my personal safety spray? This is the most common question individuals ask regarding pepper spray. Personal safety sprays (commonly referred to as pepper spray) are the ideal tool for that unforeseen emergency. They are easy to use and by keeping accessible allow you to deter a potential threat at a safe distance. Simply saturating the ocular area will cause involuntary eye closure giving you the opportunity to escape.

The answer is quite simple: If you are threatened and you feel your safety is in jeopardy, you have the right to use your spray. If someone attacks you or comes toward you in a manor you deem threatening, you certainly are justified to use your personal safety spray. You cannot, however, simply spray someone because you do not like them or because you had a heated argument. If you do happen to spray a threat, make sure you can clearly express why you acted. This will aid when filling out a police report.
Have a plan! Be a Hard target! Security Equipment Corporation, manufacturer of SABRE and SABRE RED personal safety sprays encourages you too to be proactive regarding your personal safety!