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11 21 2014

Read these timely 5 essential self-defense tips from “The Self-Defense Ninja” on how to be alert during your run to avoid dangerous situations. November is not over yet and there are still plenty of tips coming your way. Today we're hearing from the Self-Defense Ninja. Instead of tips focused on the type of running gear to wear or what type of food to eat pre-run, he's going to explain how to be alert during your run to avoid dangerous situations.

National Running Safety Month: 5 Essential Self Defense Tips

November is National Running Safety Month and there has been lots of awareness raised on general running safety - such as wearing bright clothes or staying on an appropriate path. But staying on guard against potential threats is also very important while running, though it is less talked about.

Here are 5 essential self-defense tips for those who like to keep fit through running:

1. Plan Ahead
I can't stress this enough. Avoiding trouble is always the first line of defense, and this means planning your running route beforehand. Stay out of bad neighborhoods or places that have few people around during the time that you run. Try to plan a route that passes by several public locations that will have people present at the time that you are running. This way, if you suspect that you are being followed, you can run to one of your pre-planned public locations for safety. I would highly advise against running back to your home if you are being followed, as this would reveal your place of residence to a potentially violent stalker.

2. Turn Down Your Music
Predators and criminals tend to go after easy targets. If you are running with your headphones on and you have the volume turned up, the chances are a criminal would find it very easy to sneak up behind you and catch you totally off-guard. Now, many of my friends like to jog while listening to their favorite music. What I suggest to them is to keep the volume reasonably low or jog with only one earbud in your ear. This way you can hear if there is someone or something (like a dog) running up behind you, while still being able to enjoy your music.

3. Don't Run Alone
You are definitely safer running with a partner. A running partner can assist in getting help in any type of emergencies - be it medical or otherwise. A dog can also make a good running partner and an excellent threat deterrent as well. If you don't have a running partner, consider finding one through your local running or fitness community.

4. Bring Your Phone

Be prepared for emergencies by carrying your phone on you when you run (armband straps are cheap and easy to find). If you run into any type of trouble you can call the authorities, friends, or family to come to your aid.

5. Carry a self-defense weapon - just in
Be prepared for anything that life throws at you. Carrying an effective personal safety tool helps provide protection, but also the confidence you need to feel free and ready when you are out on a run. That's why I suggest to my family, friends, and my readers at to empower themselves with the best self-defense products on the market and take self-defense classes.

Through my personal research and experience with self-defense, I have found that Sabre Red pepper spray is one of the most effective and safest personal defense products you can carry with you on a run or when you go out. On my blog, I like to recommend the Sabre Red 3-in-1 Jogger self-defense spray because:

  • It is light and easy to run with
  • Has a super convenient armband
  • Safe and easy to use
  • The powerful formula is extremely effective at stopping all threats - big or small

I feel much more confident when running knowing that I have a powerful defense option up my sleeve - just in case.

Keep Fit - Be prepared! Running is a great way to keep fit and stay healthy. Just remember to keep safe by being prepared for any threat or emergency. Keep fit, be prepared, and happy running, everyone!

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