Wasp Spray Warning and Wasp Spray Consumer Alert

05 14 2010

At Security Equipment Corporation (SEC), we care about your safety which is why we want to address a recent claim about using Wasp Spray as a means of self-defense.

Using Wasp Spray or any type of insecticide or pesticide "in a manner that is inconsistent with its labeling" is a violation of Federal Law. Pepper Spray provides both a legal and non-lethal means of defending yourself. The FBI conducted an extensive field study on pepper spray in 1989 and found it to be extremely effective because it does not rely on pain to incapacitate and causes the eyes to shut involuntarily. Police worldwide have since adopted pepper spray for their officers.

To maximize product effectiveness and safety, extensive independent laboratory testing has been conducted on SABRE pepper sprays to ensure the range, strength and safety of SABRE products. Research has not been conducted on the ability of wasp spray to safely deter an attacker, nor has the formula been tested on humans to determine the after effects upon being sprayed. Additionally, some wasp sprays even state “Never Use Indoors”.

When it comes to self-defense sprays, look to the people and the companies that make products specifically for your personal safety. Our home defense spray, developed to protect your home and your family, has a range of twenty-five (25) feet. Our compact, SABRE key chain sprays and athletic pepper spray models provide excellent options when away from your home.

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