Woman Escapes Sexual Assault Using Pepper Spray

12 14 2016

A suspect, Alvin Weeks, has been arrested in the case of an alleged rape that took place in November 2016.

“A Baton Rouge man arrested Sunday is accused of raping a woman he had picked up while she was walking home from work, and then later forcing her into the backseat of his vehicle and raping her,” according to Baton Rouge police as reported by The Advocate.

The report says that Weeks pulled up alongside the woman, who was walking home from work, and offered her a ride because she looked cold. According to Baton Rouge police, the man threatened the woman with a pistol and directed her to get in the backseat before driving to a dead-end street, slapping the victim, telling her to shut up, and demanding that she “not scream.”

The report says that during the abuse, the woman was able to grab her pepper spray, conceal it and eventually spray Weeks in the face, giving her the opportunity to run to some bushes and call 911.