What the College Safety Program Will Teach You

SABRE's College Safety Program empowers students to make their personal safety a priority during their time on campus. 

The program takes knowledge from SABRE's elite law enforcement partners and presents it in the form of practical tips to be incorporated into daily life. Our instructors will address a wide range of scenarios most students will encounter on a regular basis, both on and off campus. Students will learn:

  • Travel Safety
  • Active Assailant/Active Shooter Response
  • Situational Awareness/How to be Prepared & Engaged in Emergencies
  • Basic Self-Defense
  • How to Use Pepper Gel & Personal Alarms
  • Sexual Assault Risk Reduction

SABRE knows each campus is different, so our program content can be specifically tailored to provide the most comprehensive class for you and your fellow students. 

Both men and women are encouraged to attend a SABRE College Safety Program class, and people of all self-defense skill sets are welcome! 

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