Frontiersman Bear Spray Featured in National Geographic

05 02 2016

Frontiersman bear spray is featured in May 2016's National Geographic. In the story, Marvin Reyes - Technical Sergeant, US Air Force - explores Yellowstone with his wife. "We couldn't think of any ebtter place to catch our breath than the cornerstone of national parks in America," he writes. With safety in mind, the group carries Frontiersman bear spray for protection against an aggressive bear.

Recently, Yellowstone researches reported that just 13% of dayhikers, and 1% of frontcountry boardwalk visitors carry bear spray, which is recommended by park officials. "We believe the level of compliance by this type of recreationalist is due to the methods used to convey bear safety information to overnight backpackers," reports Yellowstone bear biologist Kerry Gunther. "In Yellowstone National Park, permits are required for camping in the backcountry. During the permit process, backapckers are given face-to-face verbal information about bears and bear spray from the ranger issuing the permit."

Yellowstone urges that all visitors carry bear spray, and Marvin Reyes is leading by example.

Heading into bear country soon?

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